Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • I would like to communicate in spoken English with more clarity and ease to accomplish my professional goals more efficiently.
  • I'm extremely busy, but improving my English pronunciation/speech clarity is increasingly a priority. 
  • I have tried using books and CD/MP3 recording programs to help me improve my English pronunciation, but they didn't really help me. I could never maintain a regular practice routine. 
  • I'm not interested in removing my accent. I simply want to communicate so that I can be better understood.
  • Ensuring that my listeners are able to efficiently process what I'm saying is important to me.
  • I would like to interact with my peers, colleagues, staff, and/or clients with more ease.

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Global English-Speaking Skills Training

Vocal Sound Production

Work through a face-to-face & online speech training program to better understand the English sound system. Concentrate intensively on how you are producing specific sounds and aspects of spoken English rhythm. Receive immediate feedback every step of the way for an efficient training process.

Interaction Communication Strategies

Participate in a carefully-structured group coaching program to push your spoken English to the next level. Learn what could enhance your spoken-English clarity & vocal presence. Maintain/improve your spoken-English fluency. Pick up new vocabulary & idiomatic expressions. Practice specific communication strategies. Interaction is the driving force in one of our content-based English language programs. 

Typical questions

Do you offer customized programs? 

Yes, we do. Contact us to start the conversation. Our carefully structured programs are designed with our clients' spoken English and communication needs in mind.

What's the training time commitment?

Our global English speech training programs typically run 6-8 weeks. They are carefully designed so that training participants practice, on average, for 20-30 minutes per day (5 days per week). Our communication skills workshops and programs run anywhere from 2 hours to 10 weeks.

What's your approach to working with English pronunciation & accent modification?

We prioritize training folks how to produce specific sounds, speech rhythm features, and a strong vocal presence in spoken English. There's a place for "listen 'n' repeat," and we do this. But we especially concentrate our training attention on demystifying the English sound system and using a kinesthetic (active movement) approach.

Will I get specific feedback on my spoken English?

Yes, we provide ample synchronous (real time, spontaneous) & asynchronous (recorded) practice opportunities for personalized feedback. Our programs guide participants in giving each other weekly feedback. This way, each person can receive ongoing feedback from us AND each other. 

Do you help clients only with spoken English? How about written English?

Our area of expertise is spoken English. However, we know of other industry professionals who specialize in business and academic writing. We are happy to help you find a good match for your needs.

Do your instructors hold an advanced degree and have experience with this specialized type of training?

Yes, each instructor has earned a masters in Applied Linguistics-TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Each instructor also has a minimum of eight years of training experience. 

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A few client words

I have been extremely happy with CommuniClear Global’s video call (videoconference) training. The lessons are engaging and well-structured with good online materials. I personally believe that they are quite unique and innovative. For me, it has been a bug plus that I can attend the training sessions in the office, at home or during business trips, and the technology platform works well. After a few lessons I saw real significant progress....
— Massimo, Director of New Ventures & Innovation, in Italy
Sarah, thanks for the training. It is benefiting me in my day-to-day activities. I am feeling more confident while talking to my colleagues in different geographic locations. I am able to understand and clearly communicate without them asking me to repeat what I said. I might need a little more effort, but I feel there can be improvement in future communications.
— Bhargav, Project Manager, India
I’m so glad that I took Sarah’s 8-week program. After a few weeks following Sarah’s methods and practices, my spoken English has improved so noticeably that my American colleagues whom I work with everyday recognized it. I work in a law firm, so this improvement is invaluable to me. Sarah knows exactly what I should focus on to improve my spoken English and put it in a carefully designed step-by-step program. The results came fast and clear. I definitely recommend this program.
— Thang, Foreign Attorney at Sidley Austin-Chicago, from Vietnam

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