Customized spoken-English communication training & coaching for organizations worldwide

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You are a team leader or HR specialist. You understand that clear communication in meetings saves your organization time and money.
  • You are a business executive, foreign lawyer, or subject matter expert. You want to communicate in spoken English with more clarity, ease, and efficiency for your professional success.
  • You are a program coordinator for an overseas training program. You know that providing an English communication skills training component would help the people you serve.

How we can help:

Spoken-English Assessments

Initial & final assessments based on real-time performance and recorded speech samples. We initially focus on each speaker’s general intelligibility and ask, Do we simply need to adjust to the speaker’s English pronunciation or is significant listener effort required? If the latter, we then listen as trained linguists and determine the recommended training priorities. At the end of each program, we conduct a final assessment. Training participants receive detailed feedback with each assessment.

Global-English Speaking Skills Training

Customized in-person and virtual training programs for individuals and groups. We help demystify the English sound system while keeping it talky-talk practical. We equip our speakers-in-training with online tools, ongoing guidance, and practice opportunities to help them steadily (and efficiently) improve their spoken-English intelligibility. We integrate real-life practice tasks, such as public speaking, mock interviews, and conversation practice, on an as-needed basis.

Telephone Coaching

30-minute telephone coaching sessions for targeted practice in spontaneous speech via telephone or teleconference. Speakers-in-training receive immediate feedback & step-by-step guidance throughout each session.

Presentation Delivery Skills Training

In-person and virtual workshops & training programs. We equip training participants with strategies and immediate feedback on speech clarity, information delivery, and audience interaction. Our key objective is to help them present their specialized knowledge and insightful perspectives effectively and efficiently.


An outside eye with twenty years of experience in the English language training industry, in the U.S. & abroad, as well as in corporate & academic contexts. Sarah Gallant, Founder & CEO, provides feedback and proposed solutions for global organizations.

“The experience with Sarah was great. She is a very experienced English language trainer who applies structured approach based on your level and needs to help you improve your problematic areas. She is very patient and listens well to your needs. She customized the course that matched my pronunciation needs as well as my business needs. She definitely helped me improve my speech which my American friends noticed that as well. Thanks to Sarah’s customized teaching plan.”


Financial Analyst, moved to U.S. from China

“Sarah, it has been really wonderful working with you. Thank you for all the hard work and great results so far! Your work with our team members located in India and the U.S. has been stellar. I’m very happy that you will continue to provide your services for us this upcoming year, and I’m looking forward to the new expansions to the program that we have discussed. Thanks Again!”

Neil Schauer

Senior Director in R&D, U.S.

“I have been extremely happy with CommuniClear Global’s video call (videoconference) training. The lessons are engaging and well-structured with good online materials. I personally believe that they are quite unique and innovative. For me, it has been a bug plus that I can attend the training sessions in the office, at home or during business trips, and the technology platform works well. After a few lessons I saw real significant progress….”


Director of New Ventures & Innovation, in Italy

A few things to know about us:

We embrace accents.

Our mission is to help global workforce professionals communicate in spoken English with more clarity, ease, and efficiency in the global workplace. We train them how to adjust, not remove, their accents so that they can efficiently share their ideas and interact as they intend during client calls, virtual cross-functional team meetings, webcasts, etc.

We value structure & detail.

We work with busy professionals who are in need of structured guidance every step of the way. Over the past few years, we have developed a dedicated online training space that goes hand-in-hand with most of our training programs. This online platform includes:

  • Daily learn and practice pages
  • Downloadable pdf files
  • 3-5 minute video & audio-recorded mini-lectures
  • Supplemental audio samples
  • Daily practice assignments (estimated completion time is 15-30 minutes per assignment)
  • Extra materials for extra practice (in case the assignments aren’t enough)

We believe that prioritizing a systematic & active practice routine helps our clients to steadily integrate what we cover into real-time spontaneous speech.

Our training approach.

Our carefully-structured spoken-English communication training programs serve both the:

  • Analytical learner who values breaking down the English sound system to understand how it works and how it is different from their first (or second or third) language AND the
  • Kinesthetic learner who best absorbs this type of linguistic training via physical movement and real-life practice tasks, such as public speaking, phone discussions, and spontaneous conversations.

We typically use our training materials and our clients’ work-related materials (e.g., PPT, brochure, etc) during any given training/coaching session. One of our top priorities is to keep everything we do talky-talk practical so that you can hear real results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you serve?

We work with business executives, lawyers, and subject matter experts of different language backgrounds and industries. These professionals are advanced speakers of English who communicate regularly in English for their work. They understand that in today’s global workplace, spoken English is a professional skill that allows them to share their ideas and be understood as they intend. A neutral question such as, Are you ready for the meeting? will not be interpreted as I’m so annoyed that we’re having this meeting. Our clients understand that being better understood in spoken English can help them engage with the people they need to reach to efficiently accomplish their professional goals.

Do you offer customized programs?

Yes, we do. Contact us to start the conversation. Our carefully structured programs are designed with our clients’ spoken English and communication needs in mind.

What is the time commitment?

One of the first questions that both team directors and training participants usually ask is, How much time does this type of training require? Programs are typically range from 6-10 weeks. They are designed so that the participants practice for 15-20 (maybe 30) minutes per day (M-F). This everyday practice is important for steady improvement in the speech training process.

If a training participant travels frequently for work, does this disrupt the training momentum?

Not necessarily. Every program includes an online dedicated training space for 24/7 access to the program materials. Marking out the recommended time for any given program helps to maintain the program momentum. In place of meeting in person, we can meet by telephone, teleconference, or videoconference.

Do you help clients only with spoken English? How about written English?

Our area of expertise is spoken English. However, we know of other industry professionals who specialize in business and academic writing. We are happy to help you find a good match for your needs.

Do your instructors hold an advanced degree and have experience with this specialized type of training?

Yes, each instructor has earned a masters in Applied Linguistics-TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Each instructor also has a minimum of eight years of training experience.

How do I get started?

A phone call is a good place to start. If you are a team director or HR professional, we can discuss the next step options. If you are a non-native English-speaking professional, we can start with an informal 20-minute interview to get a sense of your spoken English and professional communication needs. We can then discuss the next step options.