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Global English-Speaking Skills for the Global Workforce Professional

CommuniClear Global, Inc. is a small business which dedicates 100% of its attention to spoken English. We specialize in English pronunciation, foreign accent reduction, public speaking, and interviewing. Our in-person & remote training programs are designed for individuals and groups of non-native English-speaking business executives, lawyers, and subject matter experts.

Our role is to equip you with the linguistic knowledge, online tools, and step-by-step guidance that you need to steadily, and efficiently, improve your spoken-English pronunciation & communication skills.

Each customized training program includes:

  • Face-to-face training sessions, in person or via videoconference
  • Coaching sessions via telephone or teleconference
  • Our materials customized with your work language
  • Your work materials (e.g., documents, PPT slides, etc.) for real-time practice
  • Personalized feedback each step of the way
  • An online training space with review & supplemental materials (video, audio, & downloadable pdfs)
  • Ongoing step-by-step guidance
  • Regular practice nudges sent directly to your e-mail (daily, every other day, or weekly)

We can meet with you

  • face-to-face on location,
  • face-to-face at our Chicago Loop location in Chicago, Illinois (U.S.) (73 W. Monroe Street), and
  • remotely by telephone or tele/videoconference.

Clients Served

We have served the following companies and firms:

  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospira (now Pfizer)
  • Nektar Therapeutics
  • Visiting pharmacists at the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • BMO Capital Markets
  • The Marmon Group
  • LJM Partners
  • RTKL Associates
  • Constar
  • BNO Commercialisti e Revisori Legali
  • YKVN-Singapore
  • Fireex
  • Angelo Po
  • 21st Century Institute
  • Cartus Relocation Services

We have also worked with individual foreign lawyers, medical professionals, and MBA graduate students.

Sarah Gallant, Founder

Since 2003, Spoken-English Communication Specialist, Coach, & Trainer Sarah Gallant has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of non-native English speaking business executives, IT specialists, teaching assistants, engineers, lawyers, STEM graduate students, pharmacists, thought leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, and delegation program participants, and other professionals to communicate in spoken English with more clarity, ease, and efficiency.

Sarah has designed & run a wide variety of programs. This includes:

  • Virtual training programs for groups of pharmaceutical researchers in India.
  • Virtual programs for individuals & small groups based in Italy, China, and Vietnam.
  • Face-to-face programs for international teaching assistants at the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Business executives at some pretty large companies (listed above)
  • Programs in Prague, Czech Republic, and Buenos Aires, Argentina (in-person)

She has also provided her experienced eye and ear to organizations which could use outside perspective for best serving their clients.

Sarah lives in Chicago, Illinois (U.S.) and you can find her frequently listening to jazz.

Sarah Gallant, Founder & Spoken-English Communication Specialist

Other English Language Trainers on Board

Lita Brusick Johnson

Lita is a language instructor with extensive international and cross-cultural experience and an MA in Linguistics-TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). She works with adult learners, both persons seeking to improve their ability to communicate in English in their workplaces, and international students hoping to attend college in the United States.

Courses taught include: Academic ESL for Chinese engineering students, in cooperation with the UIC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Advanced Speaking Skills; Advanced Pronunciation Skills; TOEFL Preparation; and Speaking and Presentation Skills (for the Bank of Beijing).

Prior to teaching classroom and online ESL classes, Johnson worked in the non-profit sector for many years, and she brings her prior work experience in international community development and disaster response plus inter-cultural communication skills to her teaching of English as a second language.

Katie Sauers

Katie, M.A. in Applied Linguistics-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, has more than 10 years of experience assessing and training students on their spoken English-communication skills at the Tutorium in Intensive English and the International Teaching Assistant Program at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Katie has given multiple teacher-training workshops and presentations at professional conferences about how to teach pronunciation, clear communication and discussion skills. Most recently she presented at the Illinois TESOL-BE conference about how to effectively teach English stress and rhythm.

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