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Interested in joining other professionals in the Chicago Loop for a systematic, engaging, and results-driven global English-speaking skills training program this winter?Join Sarah Gallant for her signature English Pronunciation-Accent Modification program...

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Upcoming Chicago Loop English Pronunciation Skills Course

Last week, one training participant in our Chicago Loop English Pronunciation Skills for Professionals course said, I had no idea that working with my English pronunciation would involve much more than the mechanical copy & repeat of sounds. I smiled and replied,...

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If You’re Motivated, Practice Smart

So where do you go when you want to improve your English pronunciation or public speaking skills? A book? You Tube? There are some fantastic English pronunciation resources out there. There is Susan Cameron's Perfecting Your English Pronunciation and...

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One Secret To Efficiently Improve Your English Pronunciation

If you look at the English pronunciation roadmap that I posted in April, you can see that my global English-speech training programs typically concentrate on the specific sounds (vowels and consonants) and rhythm features (stress & intonation) of spoken English....

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Sarah Gallant, Spoken-English Communication Trainer & Coach

Accent Reduction Webinar

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