Systematic English Speech Production Training

Do you aspire to become a confident communicator in the global workplace? Are you ready to take one step forward to enhance your spoken-English communication skills?

Let’s Talk Speech Production

English Speech Production is quite technical; there’s no way around it.

The English sound system includes individual sounds as well as stress and intonation patterns. These speech elements significantly impact how easily a listener processes and retains information.

Mastering the specific aspects of the English sound system requires focused effort and a dedicated practice routine for steady improvement. One of the biggest challenges is applying this training to spontaneous speech in conversations, meetings, and interviews.

Embracing Clarity Over Perfection

This summer, we are offering a series of 1-week Hybrid Speech Trainings. We have designed these trainings to serve speakers of specific language groups. Rather than fixating on achieving a “perfect” English (there is no such thing btw!), our key objective is to help you efficiently sharpen your English speech production skills for professional purposes. That is, so that you are able to communicate more confidently, with more ease in the global workplace.

We gear our first speech training, for example, for the Vietnamese Speaker of English. Coach Sarah will focus more attention on vocal projection and final consonant articulation during her 90-minute Live Virtual Masterclass. These are two speech elements that she typically prioritizes at the start of any program when she works with native speakers of Vietnamese.

The other 1-week Hybrid Speech Trainings that we have lined up this summer are designed for native speakers of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Indian & Bangladeshi English, and Chinese.

Curious to learn what Sarah will focus on for these language groups? Click HERE and you will find a list of typical priority speech areas for speakers of 10 different language backgrounds.

Systematic Training Approach

At the core of our training philosophy lies a deep-rooted belief in the power of a systematic approach with room for spontaneity.

We design our programs so that they serve busy professionals who appreciate structured systems and step-by-step guidance each step of the way. Each live coaching session includes impromptu speaking tasks, planned/unplanned presentations, and mock interviews to drive spontaneous speech practice. Each program participant receives personalized feedback that is focused and very specific.

Hybrid Learning Experience

We blend the best of traditional and modern learning methods to offer a hybrid learning experience that is flexible. Below are the concrete steps that our upcoming 1-week Hybrid Global Workplace Jumpstart Programs will include:

  • Live Virtual Masterclass: Engage in real-time with expert Speech Coach Sarah Gallant. She will provide invaluable insights and guidance to kickstart your learning journey.
  • Practice Workbook: Dive into a structured practice workbook designed to reinforce the Live Virtual Masterclass over a 5-day period.
  • Daily Online Training: Receive bite-sized training modules straight to your inbox each day. These are designed to be reviewed while working through the practice workbook.
  • Live Virtual Lab Session: Participate in a follow-up session where you can ask questions, receive live coaching, and observe Sarah’s step-by-step training to solidify your skills.

Join Us

Sign up and join us this summer to sharpen your English speech production skills. To learn more about our upcoming Global Workplace Speech Jumpstart Trainings:

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