Are you an international speaker of English? When you are speaking in English, have you experienced people repeatedly asking, Huh? or Could you repeat that? Would you like to speak more clearly when

  • meeting with your colleagues in Chicago?
  • participating on global virtual teams?
  • teaching in the classroom?
  • talking with employers or clients?

There are others like you in Chicago. Come and meet them in a 6-week Accent Modification (English Pronunciation Skills) course every Saturday, from 11:00-2:00. We’ll be in Greektown, and there’s free parking!

What is this 6-week accent modification course about?

My primary objective is to train you to communicate more clearly in spoken English. I want to give you the understanding, practice, and tools necessary to help you work towards speaking more clearly in spontaneous speech. This takes time, awareness, and ongoing focused practice.

In this course, you will

  • find out what linguistic features constitute intelligible English rhythm and what the listener needs to efficiently process what you are saying
  • practice these features actively (physical movement is key for this type of training)
  • work on typical problematic sounds for speakers of different language groups
  • receive ongoing individualized feedback and guidance for continuous practice between course sessions
  • have access to a supplemental course website with suggested activities and online resources
  • acquire take-away techniques for continued practice beyond this 6-week course



May 18-June 22, 2013  |  Saturdays  |  11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.


1016 W. Jackson Blvd | Chicago, IL  60607  (Greektown with free parking)


$600 (includes book and access to supplemental course website)


Fill out the form below. I will then email you to set up a time for a 15-minute phone interview. I would like to assess whether this course is appropriate for your level of English proficiency and speaking clarity.

Let's talk. Send us a note to start the conversation.

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