CommuniClear Global's training packet: first step of assembly

CommuniClear Global’s training packet: first step of assembly

Are you an international speaker of English in Chicago? Are you finishing up a professional program in the Loop? Are you already an executive or industry expert who would like to feel more at ease while interacting in today’s business lingua franca, English?

Take a break and join us in the Chicago Loop on Thursdays from 6-8 pm. My next 8-week Global-English Speech training program begins on Thursday, March 24, 2016.

Though my English Language Training area of expertise is global-English speech clarity (a.k.a. English pronunciation, accent modification, accent reduction), interaction ease in global communication is the primary solution I intend to offer.

The 3-for-1 that I offer in my programs include global-English speech clarity, vocabulary development and fluency ease.  

3-for-1: How do I figure?

Fluency. Well, first we have the class time. 16 hours during an 8-week period, face-to-face. Practice opportunities that are in line with what the program participants need more of for real-world communication. Fluency takes practice.

Global-English speech clarity & English pronunciation skills. I’m big on peer feedback and the value this gives one while he or she is working with one’s English pronunciation. Part of my approach involves training program participants how to evaluate each others’ speech. Receiving feedback from more than one person is always going to give you a little (if not a lot) more insight into whatever speech feature that you are hoping to improve. Giving feedback is an additional way to keep your English speaking brain active and engaged with any given speech feature. 

Vocabulary. Participants have 24/7 access to an online course website. Included on this are: audio & video-recorded mini-lectures, content videos on various topics, additional online resources, and daily workbook-style practice pages (estimated completion time: 15-20 minutes per page). What better way to improve your vocabulary than to work with it in context while you are actively completing a speaking task (or 2 or 3) to improve your English pronunciation/speech clarity?

I’m so glad that I took Sarah’s 8-week program. After a few weeks following Sarah’s methods and practices, my spoken English has improved so noticeably that my American colleagues whom I work with everyday recognized it. I work in a law firm, so this improvement is invaluable to me. Sarah knows exactly what I should focus on to improve my spoken English and put it in a carefully designed step-by-step program. The results came fast and clear. I definitely recommend this program.

— Thang, Foreign Attorney at Sidley Austin-Chicago, from Vietnam

Come join us in the Loop.

We’ll be starting our 8-week “accent modification” program in the Chicago Loop on March 24th. Thursday, 6-8 pm.  

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