Are you an international speaker of English? Are you a global workforce professional? When you speak in English, would you like to 

  • be better understood during meetings, presentations and interviews?
  • ensure that your listeners are able to understand and efficiently process your message?
  • interact with your multilingual peers, colleagues, staff and clients with more ease?
  • accomplish your professional goals?

Join us

Join Sarah ( and other global workforce professionals for an 8-week English pronunciation skills/accent modification program that offers a variety of practice activities in the Chicago Loop. We will meet on Fridays, 4:00-6:00 pm, July 1-August 26, 2016. (No class on July 29)

Who is this training program for?

  • Advanced speakers of English

  • Speakers of different language backgrounds

  • Global workforce professionals

  • Industry experts

  • Executives

  • Leadership program participants

  • Academic professionals. 

What have others said?

I’m so glad that I took Sarah’s 8-week program. After a few weeks of following Sarah’s methods and practices, my spoken English has improved so noticeably that my American colleagues whom I work with everyday recognized it. I work in a law firm, so this improvement is invaluable t me. Sarah knows exactly what I should focus on to improve my spoken English and put it in a carefully designed step-by-step program. The results came fast and clear. I definitely recommend this program.

— Thang, Foreign Attorney at Sidley Austin-Chicago, from Vietnam

I was fortunate to have the opportunity working with Sarah on improving my communication skills over last six weeks. The outcome of taking the training course greatly exceeded my expectation. Sarah’s training is unique in the way how it’s structured; how she understands students’ weaknesses; and how she sets up the goals for students and help them achieve. What fundamentally makes Sarah’s courses unique is as Sarah understands and says: “I’m not to help you get rid of your accents, but to help you be better understood when speaking English.” I believe (this) is the most fundamental, practical and crucial thing for non-native English speakers. So I would like to recommend you Sarah’s training courses if you wish to further improve your commuication skills (in English).

— Vincent Li, Marketing, moved to U.S. from China

Interested in (or at least curious about) joining us? 

E-mail Sarah at or click HERE to learn more. 

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