Admittedly, when I started to provide English pronunciation skills training outside of the university and looking more at the marketplace lingo (e.g., Accent Reduction and American Removal), I winced. This didn’t make any sense to me since if you think about it, everyone has an accent. In the U.S. how many regional dialects are there? And within each region, how many variations of spoken English exist? 

Not an Accent Reduction potion, but a 2-hour Flip the English-Speaking Switch Workshop 

On day 1 of all of my speech training programs, I repeat, repeat and repeat that this type of training takes time. I will say the same on Thursday, September 29, 5:30-7:30 pm CDT.

What I want to do is share a few of the core speech features that will help you to begin adjusting your spoken English to be better understood. Should someone say, huh, you will have an idea of how to flip the English-speaking switch. Of what to adjust as you repeat or clarify your ideas in English.

You say Core Speech Features?

To give you a better idea of how I help to demystify and work with the English sound system, I generally work in gradations of depth. There are the fundamentals, which are critical for establishing a solid foundation in the English sound system. Clear enunciation, crisp consonant articulation, stressed & unstressed sound alternation. These are a few of the core speech features that I address at the beginning of any program.

Others include various aspects of stress and intonation in neutral, loaded and nuanced speech. This gets into more depth in the English sound system, a level that I save for my longer, more involved speech and communication training programs. 

What is this upcoming 2-hour English Pronunciation Skills Workshop about?

It’s an intensive walk through through a few of the fundamental speech features that are critical to English speech clarity. Participants will walk away with a handful of key practice techniques and step-by-step practice-activity takeaways to help them be better understood from the start. To help them efficiently flip the English speaking switch when they are asked to restate and/or clarify the message. 

Join us

Join other global professionals on Thursday, September 22nd, 5:30-7:30 pm, in the Chicago Loop! Register by September 16 to save your seat and receive a substantial discount. Click HERE to learn more. 

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, September 20th.

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