Can you, like in the sentence above, efficiently communicate your point or express your ideas in fairly complex English sentences? Nothing ___ us like the ___ we didn’t ____. That’s pretty sophisticated language use, isn’t it? 

Most of the people (international speakers of English) I work with can communicate using such a sentence with ease in spontaneous spoken English. They are fluent, have a good range of working vocabulary, and use fairly complex grammar/sentence structure to express their ideas efficiently. However, they come to me because they are aware that the people they are speaking with (speakers of other language backgrounds) express huh more often then they’d like. 

My upcoming Chicago Loop workshop series are about Clear Speech Fundamentals

The word Fundamentals here might be a bit misleading. Again, the people I work with are advanced to proficient speakers of English. They are professionals who would simply like to be better understood from the start when they are speaking in English. They are simply in need of structured guidance and immediate speech feedback from someone like me.

The fundamentals that I plan to cover in these two workshop series are those that I’d say everyone I’ve worked with–newly arrived and 15 years in the States– have needed help with. They have been the priority sound issues that speakers of different language backgrounds (e.g., Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai) have needed help with so that they can speak and be better understood in English.

If you join us, what will you get out of this workshop series?

Good question. You will

  • develop a better understanding of what to prioritize in their spoken English as we highlight a few of the core speech features during each workshop.
  • walk out with a roadmap for how to practice daily for steady improvement (Note: It does take time!)
  • receive specific takeaway practice tasks to incorporate into a daily practice routine AND
  • be more confident that their listeners are able to better understand your message and efficiently process the information.

And what does this workshop series offer?

Another good question!

  • Two 3-hour workshops
  • An online dedicated training space with videos and step-by-step practice tasks to cement what we cover during each workshop
  • Access to an online community space where you can practice and communicate with me and your peers

My key objective is to give you the linguistic knowledge, tools, and resources to help you develop a solid foundation for adjusting your spoken English when you need to. That’s it.

Ready to sign up?

I’m running two different workshop series. Each will have the same materials and activities lined up. They will simply be different in terms of the people signed up and the day/time.

Workshop #1: Friday, 5:30-8:30 pm, December 9th and 16th

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Workshop #2: Saturday, 10:00 am-1:00 pm, December 10th and 19th

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If you sign up by December 5th, you can receive $30 off. Simply use the coupon code workshop30.

Have any questions or not sure this workshop series is right for you?

Drop me (Sarah) a line at Happy to talk!

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