In my weekly newslettery emails, I include tips, techniques, insights, and online resources to help the folks reading them practice their spoken English. 

Some of these folks have already worked with me. They’ve learned about the English sound system in depth. They’ve received a lot of materials and attention to help them improve their English pronunciation. To help them simply flip the English speaking switch in contexts which demand it.  Contexts like presentations, virtual team meetings, interviews, and video creation. The newsletters that they now receive from me simply serve as reminders and nudges to continue paying attention and practicing.

Others haven’t worked with me but they’re interested in working on their spoken English. Getting my newsletter is one step for doing this.

How a talk topics practice sheet can help

Every first Sunday of the month in 2017, I’ll include a talk topics practice sheet in the newslettery emails that I send out. On it are 20 questions or practice prompts which revolve around a specific theme. 

This can be incredibly helpful for establishing a daily practice routine. I tell folks to print it out and commit a little time every day to working with it. There are checkmark boxes beside each practice prompt to help them keep track of what they’ve done. This practice sheet is intended to be used with the newsletter, where I give a little guidance in how to direct one’s attention while practicing. I provide practice suggestions, tips, and insights. On top of that, I share additional online resources for a little extra language input. 

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