Our next big plan

What we plan to begin offering in our programs is online community support, where our speakers-in-training can share ideas and observations with each other. Where they can both provide and receive feedback on specific aspects of their spoken English in a community, members-only, space.

From years of working with groups of speakers-in-training, I’ve seen/heard the great benefits of folks who both provide AND receive feedback throughout the program. It turns out to be a very efficient and productive way to drive home whatever it is that we’re working on. 

To help you better understand this

Let’s say that we’re focusing on consonant articulation. Some of our speakers-in-training may need to focus more on producing the medial (middle of words) consonants in their key words. Others, on producing the final consonants. Consonant articulation has been an issue for everyone I’ve worked with!

Giving feedback. To give feedback, you need to first listen to the speaker’s consonant articulation. Right there, you’re paying active attention. As you are giving feedback, if you’re smart, you’re also paying attention to your own use of consonant articulation. 

Receiving feedback. When receiving feedback, you’re hearing what someone else has to say about your consonant articulation. Take it one step further and listen to your initial recording again to see if you can hear what your partner is talking about. Even if you don’t totally agree with your partner, that’s ok. You’re paying attention to something specific in your own spoken English. 

But how about feedback from you Sarah? You’re the expert.

Ok, yes. I think and talk about this every day. The English sound system. Ways to help the folks I work with get better at delivering presentations, handling interview questions, participating in discussions in English. Aspects of giving productive speech feedback

Thanks to today’s social messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, it’s easy, easy, easy to give feedback. I receive a 1-2 minute speech sample and can immediately record my feedback. I love it!

So yes, in what we’ve got lined up, training participants will receive individualized feedback from both their peers (via our course site) and me, their instructor/trainer (via a social messaging app). 

Want to learn more about what’s coming up?

If you’re in Chicago, check out our upcoming virtual & Chicago Loop course, Clear Speech for Professional Success, which starts on January 24th.

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If you’re not in Chicago, check out our upcoming virtual course, Clear Speech for Professional Success, which starts on January 23rd.

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