Mobile up to improve your global-English pronunciation and be better understood from the start.

Mobile up to improve your global-English pronunciation and be better understood from the start.

Projects. Deadlines. Meetings. Deadlines. Presentations. Deadlines. Interviews. Deadlines. How much of all of this this in English? And is speech clarity important for you and your employer? You and your clients? You and your colleagues/cross-functional teams?

Mobile up and say, Siri,…

Structured linguistic guidance and community support. This can give you a lot more than an English pronunciation skills or accent reduction book ever could. 

Too busy for an in-person course or training program? Maybe you work 10-12 hours a day and spend 1-2 hours a day traveling. I get it.

Let me ask: Can you come up with ways to carve out 20-30 minutes here and there throughout the day? Maybe first thing in the morning when you’re probably freshest? On the train? At a work break? Maybe 5 minutes here and there, where you can record your voice on your mobile voice recorder. 10 minutes where you can check our site’s voice thread page for others’ thoughts and feedback (in English). Check for my feedback on the recording that you had posted during a previous 5 minute mobile-up practice break. 

Perhaps finding pockets of time throughout the day can be more productive than a solid 1-2 hours for your global-English pronunciation skills. If you’re in China and you’re surrounded by people speaking Chinese, maybe going back and forth between English and Chinese can be very efficient for helping you to improve your spoken English. As if it’s training the language part of your brain to be more flexible in going back and forth between languages. (Note: This isn’t based on research. It’s mere speculation.)

Interested in giving it a try? Check out our 8-week virtual global-English pronunciation program coming up January 23-March 31st. You’d have access to the online materials (mini-lectures and workbook) and the online community of other global professionals. A community where ideas, resources, and feedback can be shared both synchronously and asynchronously. 5 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Daily. 

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