Have you ever had to discuss something at work or in your field–like a term, a product, a process, etc.–where you had to use long phrases like the one I have above? Chicago Loop global-English pronunciation skills course. When you’re speaking, using a small hold and stressing some words more than others can play a huge role in helping your listener understand you from the start. This isn’t about “perfect” pronunciation. It’s simply about intelligibility (not to be confused with intelligent!)

Our key objective

What this CHICAGO Loop’ global-English PRONUNCIATION skills course aims to do is help you speak in English with more clarity, ease and efficiency so that you can achieve your professional goals.

Last week, I shared three golden NUGGET’ clear SPEECH tips. This program goes into a lot more depth and provides a variety of practice opportunities to cement the materials in spontaneous speech.

Participants will

  • learn the core features that make up the music of spoken English
  • concentrate on typical problematic sounds for speakers of different language groups
  • engage in a variety of practice activities (e.g., presentations, interviews and discussions)
  • learn how to monitor themselves and their fellow speakers-in-training (and the speakers around them)
  • belong to a supportive in-person/online practice community
  • receive ongoing individualized feedback (from peers and instructor)

Again, our goal is to give you the tools, guidance and practice opportunities so that you can efficiently improve your spoken English.

Who is this program designed for?

Great question! It’s designed for advanced speakers of English who are already working in the global workforce. This includes industry experts, leadership program participants, academic professionals, visiting scholars, and medical professionals.

How will this program run?

Another great question! 

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