YouTube English pronunciation training has a place but...

How often have you gone to YouTube and found yourself watching a variety of videos on how to produce a specific sound? Perhaps the /r/ and /l/. Or /i/ vs. /I/. And there’s the /m/, /n/, and /ŋ/–make sure to produce these through the nasal cavity. What about the /dʒ/, as in judge.

There are some great videos out there. They write out how to produce the sound, point by point. And some demo the sound with a sort of x-ray-like video so that you can see exactly how to produce a given sound. These videos are sort of cool but truth be told: I sometimes have a difficult time connecting what I see with how to actually produce the sound. How about you?

YouTube Can Be Great For Pronunciation Training But Is It Enough?

Not really. There’s so much more to it than the individual sounds. So much more.

Join Us in the Loop

Learn what I mean by this on Day 1. In addition, receive the following to help you on your journey:

  • An initial & final assessment
  • A roadmap or curriculum, which includes not only the sounds but also vocal and English rhythm training
  • Targeted guidance & feedback each step of the way AND
  • Engaging humans to give you live feedback

Upcoming Chicago Loop English Pronunciation Course

Join us from January 25-March 22, 2019 for an Advanced English Pronunciation Skills for Professionals course. This will run on Fridays from 3:00-5:00 pm. We’re conveniently located two blocks from the Monroe Station on the Blue Line, and three blocks from the Monroe Station on the Red Line. In a warm conference room. With tasty coffee and tea. Join us this winter!

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