Breaking the accent barrier can help you to advance professionally… FASTER. After all, speaking with confidence and clarity typically moves the needle in winning over higher salaries and bigger, better deals.

Where Are You On Your Spoken-English Communication Journey?

Are you a proficient, or near proficient, speaker of English? Do you communicate in spoken English daily or weekly for work?

In meetings or presentations, is it sometimes difficult to convey your message as you intend due to first language accent interference. Perhaps you even experience pushback from your audience or team.

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This month, I’m hosting a limited number of FREE 1-on-1 Break the Accent Barrier Breakthrough Strategy Sessions. These sessions are designed to help business professionals and subject experts to move to another level on their spoken-English communication journey.

What This Break The Accent Barrier Breakthrough Session Includes

During this 30-45 minute session, I’ll identify three priority speech features that may be interfering with your communication success. In addition, together we’ll…

  • Create a crystal clear vision of the next phase of your spoken-English communication journey.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be interfering with your efforts to get your message across as you intend.
  • Come up with a 5-part Masterful Communication Plan to take your spoken-English communication to the next level.

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