Speaking clearly in meetings and on calls can help you to advance your career and increase your confidence in professional contexts. One quick tip I’d like to share with you is to do a quick speech warm-up prior to participating in a call or joining by video conference.

There Are A Few Benefits…


A clear speech mindset.

Quick speech warm-ups help you to actively pay attention to how you’re producing sound in your voice and with speech. When sharing an update or insight with your audience, it’s normal to focus your attention on the information rather than on how you’re speaking. So it’s a good habit to begin speaking with a clear speech mindset. That way, you are more likely to produce a more consistent clear controlled sound from the start.


Reduced nervousness.

Briefly placing your attention on something other than the audience can help you to relax. A speech warm-up is physical by nature, and it gets you out of your head. Therefore, I suggest that you warm up your spoken English by exaggerating the production of specific sounds, vocal projection, and/or aspects of English rhythm.


Cement specific speech features.

You may not have time to participate in a speech training program. But doing a quick speech warm-up (daily is ideal!) will help you to stay attuned to how others are speaking. If you over articulate the final consonant sounds in a 5-10 minute warm-up, for example, you are more likely to pay attention to how others are producing these sounds. And this, in turn, will help you to get in the habit of articulating the final consonant sounds more consistently.

Here’s 1 Quick Speech Warm-Up That I’d Like to Share…

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