It seems that Quora’s fundamental purpose is to demystify questions that people have. It’s a collective effort from people of all walks of life and geographic locations. People are free to ask questions. What was the toughest coding question that you faced in an interview? How do you say, “I don’t speak Japanese” in Japanese? What are the various accents of English present in the Game of Thrones TV Show?

The overall purpose of Quora is to demystify what people want and/or need to understand. Our global-English speaking skills training programs serve a similar purpose: To help demystify the English sound system so that those interested/with a need are able steadily improve their spoken English.

We break down the system like this

Module 1

  • Clear Speech Fundamentals
  • Consonants
  • Syllable Stress in Words
  • Compound Nouns & Descriptive Phrases
  • Vowel Length

Module 2

  • Word Stress in Sentences
  • Connecting Sounds within Thought Groups
  • Thought Group Stress
  • Intonation in Statements

Module 3

  • Reductions
  • Intonation in Questions

How we differ from Quora

Where Quora and CommuniClear Global’s Global-English speaking skills programs differ lies in (a) the medium and (b) the approach. Quora is online. Virtual. We meet face-to-face. We stretch, box, squat and dance (well, sorta dance. move from side to side). We’ve had clients joining us from long days of meetings, research, and computer tasks thank us. We’re helping them to not only improve their spoken English but to also shift gears from the workday. 

Join us in the Chicago Loop

Take a break and learn what constitutes the English sound system. Join us in the Chicago Loop next Thursday, 6-8 pm, as we begin our next 8-week Global-English speaking skills program on April 7

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