It’s now 2017. I’m welcoming the new year with 3 words, not resolutions. How about you?

The 3 words which will direct every decision I make as an English language trainer and business owner are: Build, Bold, Connect. These three words are intended to benefit the folks I serve.


Build is both a verb and noun. To build = to strengthen, to develop. One’s build is one’s physique. You can have a muscle-bound build. You can have a small-frame build. 

In my most recent newsletter (which comes out every Sunday), I provided a list of practice topics. Ultimately, my intention is to give the folks who give me their attention something that they can use to improve their spoken English. They may have already worked with me. In this case, they can use this list of practice topics to continue focusing on specific speech features everyday. If they haven’t worked with me, they can use this list to implement the practice techniques that I share in my newsletters. Again, my intention is to help my newsletter subscribers develop & strengthen their spoken English.

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Bold is an adjective that can be applied to actions. It’s that of taking risks to accomplish your goals. 

My newsletters are intended to inspire its readers to come up with ways to practice their spoken English consistently. To find creative ways to engage with people so that they can practice their spoken English. A few that immediately come to mind include:

  • If you’re in an English-speaking country: Head to the public library and ask a reference librarian a question. Sure, these days you can go to google but the point here isn’t to find information (or it might be, which is great!). It’s to interact with someone in spoken English. It’s to keep the interaction going. Bold. 
  • If you’re not in an English-speaking country: Find out where the foreigners go and come up with a few interview questions for them. Perhaps ask them about their impressions about your country, or what they needed to do to prepare for coming to your country. Think of questions that you’re genuinely interested in.
  • No matter where you are, pick up the phone. Find a cheap phone card if you need to and think of somewhere you can call to speak in English. Perhaps the library (idea above). Perhaps customer service at a company.  Not sure where to start or who to call? You might want to start with a problem that you would like an answer to. Want to improve your spoken English? Go ahead and call me, Sarah, at CommuniClear Global. My number is +1-312-561-5065. 


Connect is a verb. One that is incredibly important for improving your English language skills. 

My newsletters are pretty personable in tone. In the days of letter writing, postage was a recurring expense. I enjoyed both writing and receiving letters. In my current missives, my newsletters, I include resources, tips, techniques, and insights to help whoever is reading build and be bold. I also encourage connecting with others to practice their language skills in spontaneous speech.

Your three words?

Let me know what your three words are? Which three words you would like to utter everyday to help you accomplish your 2017 goals. 

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