Artwork at Arroy Thai in Chicago (Lincoln Square)Artwork at Arroy Thai in Chicago (Lincoln Square)

Are you a global professional who is currently working in a multinational company? Do you lead team meetings? Do you attend meetings and know that active participation, where people share their ideas and experience, is valued? Are you a professional entering the global workforce and currently interviewing for a specific position?

Is communicating in English critical for your professional success?

What’s on your leadership vision board?

By leadership, I simply mean taking the reigns in knowing your goals (professional and otherwise) and taking some form of action to achieve these goals. Vision board, a space where you not only identify your goals (professional and otherwise) but also the tools and feelings that can help you get there. You identify with words, images, whatever resonates with you to help you move forward (professional and otherwise).

If communicating clearly will help you achieve success (whatever that is for you), put communication up there. It’s a tool. If you need to communicate in spoken English, put spoken English up there it’s a tool. How about the word confidence?

Whether you have a team to lead or you’re going through an interview process to get hired, if you’re in the global workforce, it seems that communication, spoken English, and confidence might be critical to successfully (1) express your vision, the steps to carry out this vision, and your area of expertise and (2) be understood from the start.

Choose a panel above

Look at the picture above (I’ll return here with the artist’s name after I return to Arroy Thai, in Lincoln Square, for a plate of panang curry noodles!). Choose which which panel best aligns with your vision board for what you want to achieve in the next 6 months.

Does the word communication and spoken English fit in somewhere? If so, where?

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