Voice. It’s important and very personal. How you voice or articulate what you have to offer (your product, service, personality, information) is incredibly important. It needs to be received in the workplace for things to get done efficiently. The less effort there is the more that gets done with more ease.

How’s your spoken-English voice? Is what you have to offer being delivered and received with ease?

Join me for English Sound System Studio in the Chicago Loop

Let me be clear from the start: At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • share your subject matter expertise with more efficiency
  • ensure that your listeners are better able to efficiently process (and retain) the information
  • interact with your colleagues, supervisor(s), staff, and/or clients with more ease.

What we’ll do is get into the English sound system. We’ll break it apart because like any language, it’s a system with its own set of cues. I’ll share a number of techniques that I’ve picked up from others and developed on my own while working intensively with the English sound system over the years.

With the group, you’ll develop a solid vocal foundation (e.g., humming—see my last post) and steadily integrate the layers of speech features that we cover into real-time spontaneous speech.

How we practice these features will be informed by what YOU need to do in English. Before we begin the program, I’ll learn from you what you need to do. Deliver a presentation? Interact in an interview? Engage in small talk at a networking event? I’ll then customize the program to include practice tasks that will help you.

Clarity helps deliver

Clarity drives information retention and human interactions. You may be selling yourself—or whatever it is that you’re talking about—short if you’re not careful.

Want to talk?

Need a little clarification about my upcoming 6-week program English Sound System Studio? Please, drop me, Sarah, a line at sgallant@ccg-training.com or fill out the form below.

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