Imagine how much easier things would be at work if you knew exactly how to speak slower and decrease your speaking English speed

Perhaps you would need to repeat yourself less. You would receive fewer “Could you please slow down and repeat that” requests.

One Thing to Remember…

When preparing to speak in a meeting or at a podium, you’ve had time to process the information. But your audience hasn’t. Your listener(s) may be very familiar with your topic but whatever you’ve decided to speak about in that moment is new to them. You want to give your audience time to take in what you’re saying so that they can process the information with ease.

You want to ask yourself, How is the audience processing the information in real-time spontaneous speech?

Clear Speech Quick Tip: Speak Slower

Learn how to physically adjust your speech so that you speak slower. In addition, insert holds and pauses between the idea chunks to help you control your English speaking speed. Watch the video below to learn more…

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