When you speak English in the global workplace, are you tired of hearing Huh? or Could you repeat that? You want to communicate clearly from the start, but you don’t know exactly how to adjust your speech.

Perhaps you’re struggling to speak English with ease during remote or in-person meetings. You want to share your expertise and insights for professional purposes, but you’re not a confident speaker.

If you would you like to speak English and be better understood from the start, I have exciting news for you!

I’m thrilled to announce Clear Speech Success Quickstart, a 1-week Live and Online Speech Training Program that is designed to improve your speech clarity and boost your confidence.

Why Clear Speech Success Quickstart?

Imagine starting the New Year with improved English pronunciation skills that will help you accomplish your short-term professional goals faster in 2024.

What Can you Expect?

  • A Live Masterclass – Join me for an intensive 1-hour live virtual training where I will share three speech production tips to help you speak English and get better understood from the start. You will learn practical tips and techniques that you can start implementing immediately.
  • Step-by-Step Practice Blueprint Workbook – Because consistent practice is key for applying these tips into spontaneous speech, participants will walk away with a set of speech warm up and a step-by-step 1-week practice workbook.
  • Daily Reminders Delivered to Your Inbox –¬† Participants will receive one week of guided practice support to reinforce the live masterclass training. Sarah will send you daily reminders, in-depth explanations, and additional practice exercises. The daily support emails will help you stay engaged and motivated as you work through the 1-week practice workbook.

You can expect an engaging, no-fluff live training. After this training, you will receive daily follow-up materials to help reinforce this training. This will also help jumpstart your daily speech practice routine.

Why Is This Masterclass Special?

Tailored for Professionals
Clear Speech Success Quickstart is designed with the busy global workplace professional in mind. It recognizes your specific needs and provides solutions that are practical and immediately applicable to your career.

Start the Year Strong
By offering this masterclass in December, we’re giving you the opportunity to kick off the New Year with improved communication skills. It’s a strategic investment in your professional growth.

Expert Guidance
With over 20 years of experience in Accent Reduction & English Pronunciation Skills Coaching, I’m committed to equipping you with the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. This is a 1-week program that may be all you need for your professional purposes. Or it may be a good jumpstart to improving your spoken-English clarity.

How Can You Sign Up?

You can register for “Clear Speech Success Quickstart: A 1-week Live and Online Program by clicking HERE.

Remember, your accent should never hold you back. With the right guidance and practice, you can achieve the clear and effective speech you desire.

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