You probably understand that speaking loud enough in meetings is important. After all, you want people to hear your invaluable insights and ideas.

What you might not really understand is that it’s super important to speak loud enough at the beginning AND end of your sentences when you speak English. This is due to the English sentence structure.

Speak English Loud Enough So That Your Audience Hears the New Information

Sometimes when working with new clients, I notice that their volume is uneven. At the beginning of the sentence, I can hear them. Then by the end of the sentence, it’s difficult to hear what they’ve said. The start of the following sentence is strong. Then, it’s back to difficult by the end of the sentence.

When it comes to speaking English, this uneven volume creates a “hiccup” in the flow of information. And in the end, less information is likely to be retained.

Let me explain this more…

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