What’s Does Your English Pronunciation Roadmap Look Like?

If you are wanting to improve your global English speaking skills, having a specific roadmap makes the most sense. This helps with not only training direction but also with the measurement of improvement. People ask me, If I work with you or sign up for one of your...

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Talk Like a Stop Sign in Spoken English

If an advanced to proficient speaker of English listens to a presentation or webcast in spoken English, would you say that he or she is processing what the speaker is saying said word by word? Probably not. The reality is that we humans process real-time...

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Join Us in the Chicago Loop

Are you a super smart professional who needs to improve their spoken English for professional purposes? For a public speaking event? An upcoming interview? Regular meetings? Is one of your current goals to communicate in spoken English with more clarity, ease, and...

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4 Tips to Adjust Your Pace in Spoken English

You might be completely fluent in spoken English and have a difficult time adjusting your pace. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you've been told that you speak too fast in English? And when you make a concerted effort to slow down, you find that you’re...

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Most English pronunciation apps go horizontal. Go vertical!

Someone recently showed me an app where you can play a scene from a movie. A character says one or two lines and you can then click the record button and copy what the character said, to then hear what you recorded. The one problem with this app—and others...

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